My name is Ranjeeth Thunga. I call myself a Perspective Mapper.

In a nutshell, I strive to help each human being uncover their True Self, bringing forth the goodness and wisdom inherent within them.

This work takes three distinct forms, starting with work on myself.

I. Develop Myself

My primary is to fully realize my nature. I tune my attention inward via breath meditation, allowing my perceptions to evolve in the process. I engage in dialog, research, and reflection to further clarify and integrate insights.

II. Services I Offer

I offer the following three services:

  • Perspective Sessions
    • Flesh out a person’s unique framework for life, including their goals, desires, vision, outlook, priorities, worldviews, and Highest Truth.
  • Lifestyle Design
    • Help people clarify and simplify their lifestyle. Work with them to sort their “stuff”, including their items, bags, documents, to-dos, routines, tools, and systems.
  • Wisdom Workshops
    • Share insights to groups on communication, planning, technology, relationships, and philosophy — all from the lens of a perspective mapper.

III. Insights For Humanity

In addition, I am helping build three web-based projects that tackle three critical facets of our human experience. Each site strives to be a balance of journalism and activism.


  • 360 perspectives of human conflict, especially war, fleshing out the roots of hate, distrust, rigidity, prejudice, and well as how we can transcend conflict in our lives.


  • Tips and techniques to live, work, study and relate to others with grace, clarity, simplicity, and wisdom…as well as systems to put these life principles into practice.


  • Cover technological, spiritual and social advances moving us towards a common language for our collective awakening as a species. Will cover brain-computer interfaces, quantum computing, singularity, AI, and evolutionary spirituality…as well as how to leverage these advances.
  • (looking for partners for 2020-2021 to develop consulting arm).

More About Me