My name is Ranjeeth Thunga. I call myself a Perspective Mapper.

In a nutshell — I help people unravel their True Self, bringing forth goodness and wisdom inherent within them. My work takes three distinct forms:

I. Develop Myself

My work decidedly start with myself. I turn my attention inward through meditation, a process through which my perspective gets cultivated. Good conversations, as well as research and reflection, help me further translate my experiences into meaningful insights.

II. Services I Offer

I primarily focus on providing the following three services to others:

  • Perspective Sessions
    • Help someone get to know who they really are. Flesh out a person’s unique life perspective, including their goals, desires, vision, outlook, priorities, worldviews, and Highest Truth.
  • Lifestyle Design
    • Help someone clarify and simplify their lifestyle. Work with them to sort their “stuff”, including their items, bags, documents, to-dos, routines, tools, and systems.
  • Wisdom Workshops
    • Helps groups evolve their perspective. Facilitate discussion and share insights for improving their communication, relationships, organizational structure, technology use, and management of perspectives.

III. Insights For Humanity

I have three websites that tackle three critical facets of our human experience. Each of these sites will eventually serve as a platform that is part journalism, part activism.


  • 360 perspectives of human conflict, especially war, fleshing out the roots of hate, mistrust, disconnect, prejudice, and hypocrisy.
  • Solutions to overcome conflict in our own relationships.


  • Insights on life, work work, study and relationships that allow us to live with greater clarity and simplicity.
  • Tools and techniques to integrate these principles in our own lifestyle.


  • Cover technological, spiritual and social advances moving us towards a collective awakening.
  • Develop a language that integrates principles from brain-computer interfaces, quantum computing, singularity, AI, and evolutionary spirituality.
  • Systems to enhance our own mind.

More About Me