Hi! My name is Ranjeeth Thunga. I’m a Perspective Mapper. I help people orient their perspective towards their Highest Truth, uncovering their unique goals, priorities, worldviews — and wisdom — in the process.

A clear, mature, evolving perspective defines the very value we offer others. It also is the source of fulfillment in our own lives. We have a fundamental responsibility to ourselves, and each other, in cultivating such a perspective.

Inner Work

My life purpose is to fully realize the Highest Truth within, and share this realization with each other.

This I feel is common for all of us, though we might use different words, including True Self, Spirit, Nature or God.

For me, the process involves focusing my attention inward in each moment I can through the day. This takes the form of being aware of my breath through each life situation (Anapana Meditation) to the best of my abilities.

I supplement this process through contemplation, journaling, dialog, research, and good work.

I quite regularly fall flat on my face, though get back up with a new lesson. I enjoy the process of learning, evolving and sharing insights with each other along the way. I have spent half my life unraveling our true nature and am continuing to do so.

Life Projects

My work considers both ends of the scale — cultivating a broad, mature perspective of the world on one hand, and living a clear, simple day-to-day life on the other.

A. War and Conflict – Understanding and Dialog

B. Living Clear and Simple

  • Share tips and tools on living more clear, more simple.
  • Let-go needless complications in our work, life, and studies.
  • Site

C. Consulting and Training

  1. Sessions (individual)
    1. Offer one-on-one dialog to help people flesh out their unique life perspective.
    2. This includes using oracles to tap into deeper intuition within them.
  2. Workshops (group)
    1. Provide interactive instruction around a variety of topics including work, relationships, philosophy, and studies.
  3. Ongoing Program (online)
    1. A subscription program, with weekly exercises and personalized feedback, to help one cultivate a clear life perspective, honing their muscle for self-reflection in the process.

D. Technology-Consciousness Link
(final name/structure TBD)

  • Explore and develop technology-enhanced tools to evolve consciousness.
  • Use quantum computing to aid in process
  • Looking for partners
  • (ETA 2021 or 2022)
  • Sites

More About Me