Ranjeeth Thunga here. I call myself a Perspective Mapper. My life work is to help us come to terms with, and if possible, work through our collective conflict, within ourselves and with each other.

This process has us feeling through the human trauma we collectively share within ourselves, realizing we are all connected to the same Source, inseparable from one another.

To navigate, we will need to address conflict from an inward-focused lens. Rather than finding fault with what’s outside, we work through the reactions we experience on the inside.

I’ve spent well over two decades in meditation, contemplation, research, and dialog on these areas.

Still I consider myself very much a journeyman in this process, learning refreshing but sometimes difficult lessons each day. This I’d say applies to all of us, especially in this current day and age.

I’m rebooting for 2020 in light of recent global events.

My work has three components:

I. Self

Cultivate my personal connection to Source through moment-to-moment meditation. Note-taking, good dialog, and focused research help further clarify my perspective. My journey is guided by two golden principles.

  1. Realize the Infinite Source is within us.
  2. Realize others as a reflection of ourselves.

II. Web

Systematically process the collective trauma we experience as human beings. This site contains blogs, resources and an evolving roadmap on how we as human beings are reconciling our conflicts.


PrimeMeditation.org (meditation)

  • Exploring a simple, universal, evolving meditation process for tuning into the Source within.

ClearSimpleLife.com (lifestyle design)

  • Tips on cultivating a more systematic, elegant approach to life, specifically geared for our current age.

III. Services

  • Consulting and Training
    • One-on-one sessions and group workshops to help chart out various facets of your life and work. With playing the role of a peer, we hit on:
      • Spirituality – Inner Compass, Service of Others
      • Strategy – Goals, Vision, Purpose, Wishes, Challenges
      • Diversity – True and Deep Inclusion and Respect
      • Organizing – Tools, Systems, Routines, Tech
      • Health – Physical, Mental
      • Learning – Study, Pace, Subject, Timing
      • Work – Motivation, Attitude, Value
      • Relationships – Friends, Colleagues, Partners, Enemies
      • Joys – Hobbies, Interests, Passion
      • Aversions – Fears, Tensions, Struggles, Triggers
  • Liaison
    • Help foster transactions and relationships between organizations in USA, India, and other countries.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Develop multifaceted skills and break ego barriers, through a variety of paid and volunteer projects. These include driving, delivery, shopping, writing, cleaning, sorting, organizing, shoveling, and transporting waste.


  • WORKFLOW — I refresh daily my insights, system, priorities, to-dos, plans, and logs.
  • SCHEDULE — I try for an earlier schedule, with some amount of late night/early morning work.
  • TECHNOLOGY — The platforms I use are iOS, Android, Windows, Google Assistant AI and Alexa Smart AI. Apps I use are Notion, Evernote, Listpro, WordPress, Firefox, MS Office, Gmail, FB Messenger, Google G Suite, Earth Class Mail, and Amazon.
  • AVAILABILITY — My usual availability is around 11am via phone. I try to get back to missed calls in 48 hours, FB Messenger and SMS within a week, and emails within two weeks. That said, I’m currently NOT in a responsive frame as I’m often processing a bunch of stuff.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA — I currently am not on social media for personal use, but am re-exploring it for professional use.

Formal Bio


I appreciate any and all support of resources, finances and goodwill. Looking forward to connecting. Do get in touch if you support this work.