My name is Ranjeeth Thunga, and I call myself a Perspective Mapper. I help people clarify their understanding of themselves, each other, and their Highest Truth, with greater depth and precision.

This takes a variety of forms, starting with work on myself (1p), offering sessions and workshops to those around me (2p), and exchanging insights with society as a whole through the Web (3p).

I. Work on Myself (1p)

My life purpose is to gradually, gracefully realize the Highest Truth within. This is my life priority.

This process involves focusing my attention inward, as consistently as I can, through breath awareness (Anapana). I supplement this process through contemplation, journaling, dialog, study, research, and helping others.

I fall flat on my face regularly, though commit to getting back up with a new lesson each time. I enjoy learning, evolving and sharing insights with each other along the way.

II. Direct Services (2p)

I work directly with people to help connect with themselves with greater depth and precision. I offer both individual sessions as well as group workshops.

  1. Sessions (one-on-one)
    • Offer one-on-one dialog with people, fleshing out their life perspective in detail.
    • Document their perspective, including their goals, vision, outlook, priorities, worldviews, and Higher Truth.
    • If desired, work in a longer-term capacity, mapping out various aspects of their work, health, daily routine, relationships and other areas of their life.
  1. Workshops (group)
    • Provide interactive instruction in various topics including work, relationships, philosophy, and studies, customized for a group or organization’s particular needs — all from the lens of a perspective mapper.

III. Evolve Society (3p)

My social projects touch on both ends of the scale — cultivating a broad, mature worldview on one hand, and living a clear, simple day-to-day life on the other. This is the form of the following websites:

A. War and Conflict – Broadening Our Outlook

B. Living Clear and Simple

  • Exchange insights on living a life of clarity, simplicity, and wisdom.
  • Let-go of needless complications in work, life, studies and relationships.

C. Technology-Consciousness Link

  • Research current and upcoming advances that help us tune into higher consciousness.
  • (ETA 2021 or 2022)

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