My name is Ranjeeth Thunga. I call myself a Perspective Mapper.

In a nutshell, I help people disentangle their inner conflicts, helping them cultivate a clearer, more integrated life perspective.

Having returned to Portland, Oregon from India last year, I’m rebuilding my work from scratch. My goal is to re-establish myself in 2020, building a platform for my contributions to society that will last my life.

My work as Perspective Mapper is broken up into four categories:

I. Self Development

I start by honing my own perspective through regular meditation. Self-reflection, good dialog, and focused research help me further sharpen my outlook. My growth is guided by two simple, eternal principles:

  1. Tune into the Source within us.
  2. Realize others as ourselves.

I.e. the Golden Rule, in my own words.

II. Social Cause (peace building)

  • Gather various perspectives of war from those with firsthand experience.
  • Uncover alternatives to violent forms of conflict resolution.
  • Reach out to various members of society, including key decision-makers, to encourage a more comprehensive perspective of war taken into account.

III. Blogs

A. (conflict resolution)

  • Principles to deepen our connection to Higher Truth while integrating disparate points-of-view.
  • Strategies to overcome our hidden tendencies to react, discredit, prejudge or be hypocritical in our perspective.

B. (lifestyle design)

  • Ideas and insights to cultivate a more simple, elegant approach to living.
  • Challenge the notion that “more is better”.

C. (technology-humanity link)

  • Developing a link between technology, humanity, and spirituality.
  • Chart our course towards Singularity in the next 15-25 years.

IV. Services

  • Individual Sessions
    • One-on-one non-judgmental dialog, focused on helping people reflect more deeply on their life perspective. Areas we discuss (and document) include:
      • Spirituality – Inner Compass, Higher Truth
      • Strategy – Goals, Vision, Purpose
      • Organizing – Tools, Systems, Routines, Tech
      • Health – Physical, Mental
      • Learning – Study, Pace, Subject, Timing
      • Work – Motivation, Attitude, Value
      • Relationships – Friends, Colleagues, Partners, Enemies
      • Desires – Hobbies, Interests, Passion, Joys
      • Aversions – Fears, Tensions, Struggles, Triggers
  • Group Workshops
    • Classes focused on principles, theory, and practice of perspective analysis, touching on the above topics.
  • Liaising
    • Help organizations communicate clearly and without misunderstanding with partners across the globe, especially between USA and India.
  • Etc.
    • Cultivate a broader perspective playing diverse life roles while getting my core work established. This includes on-demand physical tasks including driving, delivering, clearing grounds, and cleaning homes.

More About Me


We as human beings are steeped in conflict. Our inability to integrate conflicting perspectives threatens our happiness on an personal level, and the very survival of our species on a global level.

The solution ultimately lies squarely our ability to process conflicting perspectives within our own self. Meditation is key.

I deeply appreciate your support in terms of finances, resources, and goodwill. I look forward to connecting with you. Please get in touch.