Hi! I’m Ranjeeth Thunga. I’m a Perspective Mapper.

Through a variety of projects, I help people, orgs, and communities uncover their unique goals, vision, outlook, and path.

A clear perspective is fundamental to life. There is no overestimating how essential this is. If I can help, do get in touch.

About Me

Projects Goal

I rebooted all my projects in 2019. My goal is to streamline and make self-sustaining everything I’m doing by the end of the year.


I am committed to my role as a Perspective Mapper for the rest of my life. I really love what I do.

Primary Project

My life purpose and priority is to realize who I am (i.e. who we are) on the deepest level, as well as exchange insights with each other.

I have spent half my life investigating the intricacies of human consciousness, and am continuing to do so.

Web-based Projects

Perspective Mapper
  • Investigative Project to Integrate Conflicting Views
  • Older version of project
  • (articles, resources, maps)
Clear Simple Life
  • Develop and Exchange Insights on Clear Simple Living and Working, for the 2020’s
  • (articles, resources, eCourse)
Open Data Standards
  • Assemble and Develop open, modular, standardized formats for Human Data
  • humanmarkup.net
  • stratmlworld.com
  • (articles, open-standard dev’t, open-source apps, resources)


Skills and Wisdom LLC / Ranjeeth Thunga Insights Pvt Ltd
Independent Consultant and Trainer

I provide the following services to individuals and companies:

  • Perspective Mapping – Group
    • Help Board Members and Senior Executives align their indidiviual and team perspectives
  • Perspective Mapping – Individual
    • Through guided self-reflection, people people clarify and simplify their goals, vision, and outlook
  • Workshops
    • Conduct group sessions to exchange insights on living a clearer, simpler approach to work, life, relationships, and self-reflection

Indian Economic Trade Organization
Director — Perspective Mapping

  • Help organizations and governments align their views with each other.
  • Help institutions from across the country and world connect with each other and help meet each other’s needs.
  • (ETA Apr 2019)

Open Data / Quantum Computing Consulting
(final name/structure TBD)

  • XML/Open Standards/Quantum-Intuition
  • Provide Open-Source / Quantum-Computing solutions to uncover meaning and insights in data.
  • (ETA Jan 2020)