My name is Ranjeeth Thunga. I call myself a Perspective Mapper.

In a nutshell, I help people unravel conflicts in their life, helping them develop a clearer, more integrated perspective.

I’m rebuilding my work from scratch in 2020, with the goal of my projects fully established this year. Though it’s taken time, I hope to build a viable platform for my contributions to the world that will last the rest of my life.

My work has four angles:

I. Self Development

I start by cultivating my own perspective through regular meditation. Self-reflection, good dialog, and focused research help me further sharpen my outlook. My growth is guided by two simple, eternal principles:

  1. Tune into the Source within us.
  2. Realize others as ourselves.

I.e. the Golden Rule — in my own words.

II. Social Cause (conflict resolution)

  • Gather 360 perspectives of the war experience, with the aim of uncovering insights and alternatives to violent human conflict.
  • Uncover next steps and proposed solutions from those who’ve lived through violence firsthand.

III. Blogs

A. (wisdom cultivation)

  • Principles to listen to different perspectives, broaden our outlook, consider alternate worldviews, and deepen our Truth.
  • Overcome our tendencies to react, discredit, gloss over, prejudge, marginalize or be hypocritical of other points-of-view.

B. (lifestyle design)

  • Tips and tools to cultivate a more simple, elegant approach to living.
  • Challenge the notion that “more is better”.

C. (technology-humanity link)

  • Exploring the link between technology, humanity, and spirituality.
  • Chart our course towards Singularity in the next 15-25 years.

IV. Direct Services

I offer direct help to individuals and groups.

  • Individual Sessions
    • Guided Self-Reflection. Map out your life, starting with how you connect with your Highest Truth. This includes exploring your life purpose, desires, habits, views, and values.
    • Lifestyle Management. Clear and sort your stuff. This includes your boxes, bags, documents, to-dos, routines, schedule, tools, and systems.
    • Oracles. Insight readings using tarot cards to help you tune into the answers to your life challenges within you.
  • Group Workshops
    • Sessions to improve communication, strengthen relationships, organize efficiently, use technology effectively, and manage conflict.
  • Liaison Services
    • Help organizations communicate without misunderstanding to partners across the globe, especially between USA and India.
  • Etc.
    • Do what’s needed to make ends meet and provide value to others.

More About Me

I invite your full support and goodwill for my work. I offer you the same.