My name is Ranjeeth Thunga. I call myself a Perspective Mapper. In a nutshell, I help people sort out their lives by unraveling their perceptions of themselves and each other.

I’m rebuilding my groundwork, with the intention of having my projects fully operational during the course of 2020.

I. Develop Myself

My work starts with myself. Through meditative self-reflection, I continuously evolve my perspective. Good dialog, as well as focused research, help me further cultivate my outlook.

II. Services I Offer

  • Individual Sessions
    • Self Discovery. Map out one’s perspective, including their goals, desires, vision, priorities, worldviews, and connection to Higher Truth.
    • Lifestyle Management. Help one sort out their “stuff”, whatever that is, from their items, boxes, and bags, to their documents, to-dos, routines, tools, and systems.
    • Oracles. I work with reflective tools such as tarot cards to give us a greater glimpse of solutions within us.
  • Group Workshops
    • Help groups evolve their perspective. Facilitate discussion for better communication, improved relationships, more efficient organization structure, effective use of technology, and managing conflicting perspectives.

III. Projects For Humanity

I have three websites that tackle three critical facets of our human experience. Each of these sites are being framed as part journalism, part activism.


  • 360 perspectives of human conflict, especially war, fleshing out the roots of hate, mistrust, disconnect, prejudice, and hypocrisy.
  • Solutions to overcome conflict in our own lives and relationships.


  • Tools and insights to live, work, study, and relate to others with clarity and simplicity.


  • Technological, spiritual and social insights that help us move towards a collective awakening within the next two decades.
  • Exploration of language that can integrate principles from brain-computer interfaces, quantum computing, singularity, AI, and evolutionary spirituality.

More About Me