2020 Wrap Up (Dec 26th to Dec 31 2020)

I’ll share a few major lessons for 2020:

  • “The last shall be first” said Jesus Christ. This intuitively became very true for me, realizing that whatever quick impulse will fail, and what we are slowly cultivating will remain. As slow as possible, without stopping. That’s wisdom right there.
  • Habits are the rubber hitting the road. Two things measure a good life: the consistency of our habits, and the consistent refinement of our habits. Good habits build energy, which allows us to transcend suffering. It’s the fuel.
  • Love and Space. Being loving doesn’t have to mean being close to someone. Maintain as much space as needed. Feel out the right distance in each relationship, for your benefit and theirs. None of our life paths are gonna line up 100%. When we try to insist on a close relationship when the paths are divergent is just suffering and suffocating for both/all.
  • What cultivates love? That’s the ONLY ONLY ONLY thing that matters. Love of source within us and love of neighbors as ourselves, especially enemies. There’s no other priority. There’s nothing else to do. This is the only reason we exist.
  • Trust. Trust God. Focus on the day ahead. Forget approval of others.

Ranjeeth Thunga