2021 Consolidating Focus (Jan 1 – Jan 11 2021)

  • Happy New Year!
  • I’ve learned the value of consolidating a lot of my work. A single Corporate Entity, a single YouTube channel for my work, a single Twitter account. Still, I feel separate websites are helpful, but all under one umbrella, once again. WHENEVER I get really solidly established I can split them off. But best to focus all my energy in a coordinated way. Thanks to this YouTube Video from Think Media for putting me over the edge.
  • I created this diagram to illustrate my new consolidated business picture. I still hold a tiny bit of space for an identity separate from my organization…but really, my organization and life work are for all practical purposes, almost synonymous. My version 1.0 of Perspective Depth, LLC is below:
  • I’ve switched from Day-to-Day to Week-to-Week for my work. This relaxes my mind so much, because I can focus each day on different facets of my work rather than trying to cram it all into one day. Each day, some things are appropriate, but other days, especially as it relates to work, my focus is best distributed among seven days.
  • With all the craziness going on in the world, and a few crises in the last few weeks, and with starting to integrate Social Media into my work in a deliberate way, my Internet addiction issues remains in a flared-up state. But EACH and EVERY day, without fail, I build more and more systems and processes to keep them (and all my habits) in check. I’ll be spending much of 2021 becoming more and more savvy dealing with Internet addiction, but I realize it’s not a simple on-off switch.
  • I posted this video on my Perspective Depth channel:

Ranjeeth Thunga