Christmas Message of Love (Dec 22 to 26 2020)

I’ve shared on YouTube and posted on Facebook my holiday message!

Message of Love for Christmas 2020
  • My message and articulation I felt was exactly what I’ve been guided to share. I’m fully happy in the message within me that was inspired to come out. And it’s really the central message of my life…or more broadly, life itself!
  • I already shared on FB (my first real post in like 4 years on FB…geez how time flies). But one thing is clear — however nice it was to see so many people on my timeline, social media takes a LOT of mental energy. This one post fully occupied my attention my mind the entire day.
  • I just picked whatever environment I was in at the time and what I was wearing. A bit disheveled recording with bad lights and setup, but well…I’m owning it as a “raw” look! Getting warmed up with YouTube. 😛
  • Most of the comments I received on FB didn’t really mention the content of the video but were just good wishes. Glad to touch base with so many people from my life, though I wish the comments were more tied with what I was sharing. But of course I appreciate everyone’s good wishes and send them to all as well. 🙂
  • All my goodwill and love to whoever is reading this. Happy Holidays if you read this during the holidays!

Ranjeeth Thunga