Emerging Simplicity (Nov 22 to Nov 27)

  • An amazing week realizing so much of the more complicated aspects of my life and Consciousness no longer serve me or my work. The Higher Intelligence within takes care of things, so long as we can trust it. I don’t need to analyze and make sense of complex goals, strategies, plans. priorities, philosophical frameworks, decision-making matrices, etc. What do I want to do each day, and what gets in the way? That’s all we need to be concerned with, BASICALLY. Sure we can get deeper if we wish…but life need not be more complicated.
  • That said, I CAN flesh out a LOT of details of my life (I probably have 10000’s of pages worth of insights over the last 20 years in different forms of journals and notes). But the basics are very, very simple. Ridiculously simple. Of course, you can visit my website ClearSimpleLife.com for more on all of that.

  • Even with the theme of simplicity I established years ago, I keep getting simpler and simpler (and clearer and clearer). It’s amazing just looking at some of the stuff I’ve written a few weeks ago and now… this has been one of the most transformational months, or years you could say, of my life.

  • Mind you, there IS a value in learning lots of intricate details in a lot of different fields. But the fundamental purpose of all of this is to tune into the universal principles. The details are simply secondary.

  • A spiritual teacher of mine Donald Marshall would always tell me there are two components to spiritual practice: insight and energy. Philosopher Ken Wilber talks about Vertical and Horizontal Enlightenment, Stages vs. States. I more and more see the value and place for TWO FORMS of growth in life. I was bemoaning the dulled energy of the modern age due rapid access to junk food, media, and information. But at the same time, we have access to SO MUCH insight, context, and knowledge from all over the planet, across time. So our challenges are DIFFERENT overall. No need to bemoan the modern age. Just own up and rise up to the challenges we do have, and gratitude for the gifts we also have.

Ranjeeth Thunga