Below are my current trends, which I’m sharing so we can coordinate better.


I define my life mission is to help reconcile our stubborn human conflicts, by tapping into Common Ground at our core.


  • I’m learning each day to develop more streamlined habits — physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • I’ve suffered a good dose of life trauma and marginalization, in work, family, education, and society.
  • On a collective level, I feel the torture of war and violent conflict vividly.
  • On the other end, I have remorse for insensitivity and missteps that I’ve made in my life.
  • I do believe each one of us on this planet has been on both sides of suffering. Thus, the need for utmost compassion and empathy.
  • As our society becomes more integrated, I do believe the separation between our experiences and that of others will start to dissolve.
  • Meditation and spiritual practices allow me to translate life experiences into greater wisdom and sublime joy.


  • I ideally like to be up a couple of hours before sunrise, though my schedule fluctuates.
  • I like to do intermittent fasting when I can.
  • I try to hit on the various facets of a good day, including meditation, exercise, rest, food, work, and reading.
  • I believe if we have a connection to Source within us, everything else follows as it should.
  • I generally like to be more isolated earlier in the day, and more social later on.


  • My inner clock doesn’t operate on society’s timetable, due to heavy self-reflection and contemplation.
  • For anything critical, the best time to reach me is usually late afternoon my time, via phone.
  • I try to get back to missed calls, SMS, Signal, and FB Messenger within three days, and emails within a week.
  • Feel free to ping me again if there’s anything time-sensitive.


  • I use a primarily Apple ecosystem. This includes:
    • MacBook
    • iPhone
    • HomePod
    • PowerBeats
    • Apple Watch
  • Many of the essential apps I use include:
    • ListPro – journaling, insight-tracking (via CrossOver app)
    • Start.Me – links, feeds, tasks, quick notes, worksheets
    • Tab Notes – Worksheets, scripts, and key notes
    • Notion App – org system, scripts, collections, frameworks
    • DropBox Paper / TimeStory – timelines
    • Evernote – logs, note-taking
    • Cacoo – diagramming
    • Grammarly – grammar and style checking
    • Calendar366 – calendar
    • Just Press Record – memo app
    • SiteGround – fantastic web hosting
    • WordPress – website platform
    • Safari – web browsing
    • iWork– office apps
    • YouTube – inspirational, educational videos
    • Apple / YouTube Music – music
    • Gmail – email
    • Google Voice, FB Messenger, Signal – messaging
    • Earth Class Mail – Mail Delivery
    • Amazon – Shopping


  • I’m interested in what glorifies Deeper Truth.
  • In support of this, I enjoy sharing ways to live and work better.
  • Small-talk or deep-talk both can both be beautiful.
  • Whether we’re just starting our inner journey or have lots of knowledge, shared principles matter.
  • The Golden Rule should be central in all healthy worldviews. Any other details or differences I have no issue with.
  • I try to minimize gossip and self-glorification in conversation.
  • I turned over some leaves a long time ago, and some new leaves very recently — and want to keep this going.


  • I enjoy videogames, movies, music, and books. I appreciate all genres, though they should have a spiritual significance, implicit or explicit.
  • These days I am slicing much media out of my life — the stuff that disturbs the mind. I feel good about it.
  • I love movies and TV shows that inspire us to reconcile our enmity with others and vices within ourselves, as well as live up to our inner ideals, shedding the false glory of external validation.