Major Storms, Major Transcendence (Dec 7 to Dec 14 2020)

  • Gearing up my business plans for 2021. It’s been an exciting time in so many respects and so much of it is coming together like never before. I feel I know much more precisely what I need to express and the timing of my work is aligning with the current state of the world.
  • These last few days have been brutal however in terms of past memories / traumas. The weight affected me hard this past week with the holidays.
  • Mind you, I’m very much enjoying and grateful for the holiday spirit. And I feel I have the energetic frame to buffer against a lot of it, and to unrelentingly keep processing this stuff, to further the cultivation of my perspective and further the value I can provide others through my work.
  • Overall, very grateful I find myself able to do so. Wisdom = processed emotions. Suffering = unprocessed emotions. Unrelentingly taking the lemons and making lemonade, the bricks and making houses… all those metaphors.
  • We can’t trust people to uplift us. This is not a knock on people. This is not a misanthropic perspective. This is not a defeatist perspective. And certainly not a popular perspective. 🙂 But it’s the limitations of what human beings are. Not one of us is worthy and not one of us is truly trustworthy. The only Trust is in the Source. In the Divine within all of us.
  • In fact, the moment we let go the need to put our trust in others is the moment we can start to TRULY LOVE others for who they are and the path that they are on, along with loving ourselves. We’re meant to put our faith into the Divine, NOT into human frailty and weakness (and every one on the planet falls short).
  • The reason for writing this journal is so I can KEEP THINGS REAL, especially to myself, in all my idiosyncratic glory, without necessarily jamming my inner experience on full-on display for others (i.e. Facebook). It’s in a quiet corner of my personal site, and those who REALLY want to know a bit more about where I’m at can find it. But by nonetheless posting publicly, I’m pushing myself to express just enough of my journey openly, even if a bit abstract, so I don’t build a shell around my inner experiences…and so others can benefit and connect if they’re compelled.

Ranjeeth Thunga