New Energetic Frontiers (Dec 2nd to Dec 6 2020)

  • Throughout half my life I have cultivated an unrelenting self-reflection process. The gifts of this process ARE paying dividends in building a manifestation of Higher Truth I’m very happy to express in the world. But this year, more and more over the course of this past year, I’ve been shoring up my energetic side. Energy cultivated by good habits, or rather, let us say, letting GO of habits and behaviors that no longer serve us. And a different dimension to my presence is opening up. Very refreshing. But that said, ALL of this is founded on and an expression of a meditation process.
  • I’m including mini-workouts and mini-meditations in between my daily activities, at set intervals. Been using the Endel app and the Wakeout! app. I’m very happy with Apple focusing SO much on health these days. I’m blown away by the subtle changes and features in the phone that are bringing forth greater health awareness. The 2010’s were the decade of mind-crushing dumping of junk information and social media into our brains. May the 2020’s be the decade of technology that SERVES our well-being, not the other way around.
  • Life is ALL about the connection to the Source. If we realize that, life can be so much simpler and happier and purposeful. If we don’t realize this, there’s no value to our life. We might as well not exist. It’s as simple as that.

Ranjeeth Thunga