No Need to be Understood (Dec 15 to Dec 21 2020)

  • After a few days of some really solid highs, I went through a huge megacrisis as wrestling with making sense of crazy world events kicked my butt this weekend.
  • I realize I have some extremely simple trajectories in my life. Extremely simple. Just daily expressing these for the rest of my life. That’s it. I can further simplify my life.
  • These are built into me at the core. Just focus on these, letting go continuously of whatever else might come in the way. Let my path and work speak for itself.
  • We don’t NEED to explain the intricacies of our journey to almost everyone. Most will judge, misunderstand, misconstrue, or compare…often on purpose. We might offer some details as a gift, perhaps. But there’s no compulsion ordained from above that we must.
  • This dawned on me more clearly. Solace is not being understood. Rather, solace is found by letting go the NEED to be understood. Simply it’s to do what we do.
  • So I’ll keep this journal for now…but what details are RELEVANT for sharing? I’ll be mulling over.

Ranjeeth Thunga