Views on the World

Here is a sampling of some of my perspectives.

I’m open to alternate perspectives and welcome being challenged.


The Transcendent is at the Core of our existence. Whether we call this God, Source, Truth, Dharma, Consciousness or Buddha Nature, doesn’t matter. Each religion, spiritual, philosophical, or scientific practice is an attempt to realize this. Each system has its own particulars. Yet, whatever our approach, there’s Common Transcendent Ground. That is what’s most essential to tune into.


We need to realize that whenever we engage in armed conflict, we’ve already lost. There are no winners in war. The pain we inflict on our enemies is the pain we’ve inflicted on our Soul, and Collective Spirit. We all share the same Consciousness.

We do need to love our enemies even if we resort to bombing them. We might fight war but it should be done ensuring that we are sensitive to the human costs on all sides as we engage in conflict. And if we inflict harm on collaterals or enemies, we need to do so with a full desire to reconcile and heal. Juxtaposing war and love might sound funny… but it’s a Higher Truth than simply waging a rationalized, unfeeling, ungodly war.


Society’s relationship ladder and notions of what constitutes a legitimate relationship between two or more people never made sense to me. Each person or persons we relate to we connect with on a unique emotional, physical, and spiritual wavelength. There is no single definition or criteria of what that is.

Each and every relationship in our life is precious. Progress in a relationship is not about closeness with each other, but rather to the Higher Truth we all share. The purpose of relationships with others in our life is ultimately to realize our Spirit within more deeply.

Non-Victim Crime

Consensual drug-use and sex work should be divorced from legality. Whether right or wrong, it’s not the government’s role to legislate or regulate individual human choices. The government is not the authority over society, but rather its servant.

Private organizations, such as churches or counselling houses, should be providing support, resources and help to people to make informed, compassionate, and reflective choices. But the government should be out of it.


Killing an embryo or fetus is never a desired outcome. However, each human has a different perspective on when human life starts. This perspective determines our position on this issue. Some err on the side of life at birth, others err on the side of choice until birth, others somewhere in between.

My perspective is that human life actually precedes conception (a spiritual perspective). But whatever the case, we can all agree that much of our work and thrust of our efforts should be on how can we minimize or eliminate the possibility of even getting to the point of having to consider an abortion, through education, dialog, reflection and more effective prevention techniques.

Climate Change

Humans are polluting the environment in many, many ways. Some ways are trivial and others are more significant. The point is to evolve society to the place where we can use cleaner sources of energy and healthier lifestyles without disrupting our progress as a human species.

I do believe the planet serves our progress (not we serve the planet). This is a controversial view, but what I currently believe. That said, even if nature is in the dominion of our Higher Self, it’s our imperative to be as respectful a custodian as we can be.

Economic System

The beauty of capitalism is freedom. The ugliness of capitalism is freedom to exploit. Work is servitude if one doesn’t have the choice to leave a job for economic reasons. That’s de-facto economic slavery to an authoritarian organization, which is prevalent through the world.

Can we take the best and leave the best? What can we do to encourage freedom and options for each of us to create and innovate, while at the same time ensuring that we never have to be victim to economic coercion or oppression in the process?


Ranks, scores, grades, and any public metric should be removed from the education system on all levels. What do we do instead? We’ll figure it out. Doesn’t matter. These numbers devalue real education.

Students might privately use their own metrics, or have metrics that are just for themselves and tracking their own growth — that is fine if they find them helpful. But a system that pits one learner against another, and tries to validate how well we learned, rather than encourage everyone to grow, discover, and explore in a way aligned with the Spirit within them, is devastating to our mind.

Pop Culture

  • Gratuitous violence, profanity, and sex can be disturbing. But though rating boards like to focus on these issues, I find these AREN’T the main problem. The most dangerous premise in media is the psychopathic approach that the best way to fight evil is to kill or eliminate our enemies.
  • Media programs our mind to think in terms of “us vs. them”. We don’t even realize our minds are being programmed to not explore alternatives. The world’s survival hinges, I believe, on our ability to transcend this programming.
  • The second dangerous portrayal in media is explicitly or implicitly conveying that social validators of status, sex, rank, and worldly achievement reflect our value as a human. These can disrupt our connection to, and the primacy of, the Truth within us, which is ultimately the only validator that matters.