Recurring Life Traumas (Nov 28 to Nov 30)

  • After a few weeks of the best, most consistent good health and habit trends in a long time, I’ve been beset by recollections of some of the deeper life traumas. This includes profound abuse earlier in my life, as well as marginalization of my journey by my closest family members that lasts to this day.
  • The pain is almost unbearable. The key word is almost. This wave, this time around, I see these coming to the surface again in a powerful way as a GOOD sign. It’s a sign that the Universe feels (so to speak) I’m ready to more fully process these experiences, and realities, of the world. I thought I overcame these earlier. Many times I felt this. But I wasn’t. But here’s a solid chance to do so. I’m far better equipped than earlier waves. My body, mind, and spirit are more ready. I will hold ground better through meditation process.
  • It does require ceding our egocentric perspective for the divine perspective. There’s no way to hold onto our own perspective and still transcend the ugliness of the world. We need to step into the divine perspective. It’s clear even more what to hold onto in our life, and what to let go.
  • When we’re on the right path (for us), the world will NOT validate us. Validation can only be in terms of what people understand. People validate what they understand, not what they don’t (or don’t want to). When confronted with a life path from outside one’s understanding, they will either be blank, try to reduce and pigeonhole, or let go and expand into a broader perspective. Hopefully, it’s the third of these — but so far, it’s been very rare to see this.
  • Do wish me well and send your blessings if you’re reading!

Ranjeeth Thunga