Reinvesting our Energy (Dec 1st 2020)

  • I consider the last 3 months or so, especially the last month, one of the most significant periods of my life. I’ve cultivated depth on insight over the years, but this is the month I feel I clicked into a pattern of consistent energy increase and translating that energy into sharper meditation.
  • The meditation I’ve been able to infuse with a cleaner, more powerful ENERGY now, which is used SQUARELY to FURTHER increase the sharpness of the meditation. It’s subtle, but increasingly powerful. Though NOT ever for a moment dismissing that the journey has, and will, continue to be filled with UPS and DOWNS.
  • Letting go of habits that take our energy away is essential for this. These include ANY activity that provides an escape/diversion from processing what we’re currently feeling. So much of our media/entertainment can rob our energy.
  • Looking forward to the month of December.
  • Realizing what are positive reference points in my life. There are people that see in us more potential in us than we see in ourselves (friends). They are people who see less potential in us than we see in ourselves (NOT friends). It does NOT mean they are bad, but it DOES mean they aren’t our friends. It’s essential we don’t confuse the two.
  • I completed my series of business workshops through the local business and educational support institutions for the Fall (TBCC / Ed2Go / SBDC). If all goes well, I’ll be taking another round of these workshops to be fully geared up.
  • I’ve further honed my lifestyle mapper program and perspective mapper offering, reflecting my sharper clarity of purpose. and

Ranjeeth Thunga