Ruthlessly Identifying Triggers (Nov 17 to Nov 21)

  • Reached some new heights in living a life of balance. The progress is tied to what I’m calling Internet Addiction, triggered by the post-election fiasco, by ruthlessly identifying the various triggers which keep me glued to the screen, has freed up other resources to tweak other habits in my life.
  • Habits, small or large, are always ‘live’…there’s no such thing as fully conquering a bad habit, in that they can always rear their head again, especially in moments of weakness. We can’t ever be pretentious, nor can we ever be complacent.
  • The real and permanent progress is in each and every trigger and emotionally process we identify is the degree of inner strength and clarity we have. This awareness is a permanent gain I believe.
  • I’ve updated to have info on my perspective of religion, what I’m looking for in interactions, and how I consume media. These are small additions to the site, but essential facets of my perspective.

Ranjeeth Thunga