I’m committed to the following:


  1. Connect with Source within, moment-to-moment, with all our heart.
  2. Feel our neighbor, including our enemy, in ourselves.


  1. Our feelings are the contour of our soul. – atman
  2. All sensations are cyclical vibrations. – anicca, vipassana
  3. Attachment to any object or concept is suffering. – dukkha
  4. Our individual ego is ultimately a construct. – anatta
  5. Forgive and let self be forgiven. – grace
  6. Judge not others and not be judged. – grace2
  7. God/Source/Truth is One and Universal. – Brahman/Christ/Krishna/Allah/Yahweh
  8. What goes around comes around – karma
  9. What we project out is a reflection of what’s within – karma2
  10. Respect Truth in all points-of-view.
  11. Share and express our heart and soul in our lives.
  12. Joy comes from letting go rather than acquiring.
  13. Breath is the bridge to the Divine. – anapana

Ranjeeth Thunga