My life is focused on reconciling conflict from within. This involves a continuous remembrance of Deeper Self through meditation.

Currently in the US, I’ve spent most of the last decade in India. Aided by Scripture, journaling, research and dialog with people of diverse backgrounds and traditions, I’ve been cultivating my life perspective.

I try my best to live by the principle of loving God/Good with all my heart, and loving our enemies, as ourselves. I try to own my perspective honestly, while respecting other views, learning each moment and sharing insights with others along the way

Human trauma runs very deep inside me, as I feel our human conflicts very strongly, from all angles. I’ve also have a partial disability, which has helped me cultivate a more profound humility and patience.

I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from Johns Hopkins University, having also taken additional graduate-level coursework and research. Much of my subsequent career was as a Tech Consultant, including through the Fund for the City of New York, working with dozens of non-profit organizations, helping define robust information workflows.

I spent time in India in the 2010s, where I worked on projects including founding the first Peer Group at T-Hub, India’s largest startup incubator. Additionally I’ve worked with organizations including Symbiosis, Ictect, IETO, and Appstek to help them map out their perspectives.

Currently I’m taking programs through both the SBA/SBDC and the University of Peace to further establish my business foundation. I’m currently on the Oregon Coast, regrouping my efforts for the coming days.

All my life experiences and knowledge, good and bad, painful and pleasant, serve to inform my life work @ Perspective Depth, LLC.

Please get in touch if I can be of service to you. My best.

Ranjeeth Thunga